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Bring Me the Lizard King

Hi there. The name's Ennish and I am a girl who is stuck in the limbo between having too much time on her hands and no free time at all. My primary interests include anime, music, and David Bowie. Expect to see the majority of my posts involve all of these...and whatever I'm interested in at the time. And maybe some of my own fanart.
Before you ask, my favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop.
I have a special fondness for Berlin Bowie, The Thin White Duke, and Scary Monsters-era Bowie. They will probably make up the majority of the Bowie pictures that I post.
My blog icon is permanent and expresses everything pertaining to my interests. I also didn't make it.
Jun 23 '12


Celebrated photographer Nadav Kander has taken portraits of everyone from President Obama to Ricky Gervais and has also turned his eye toward directing. Here he talks to Co.Create about the art of simplicity, authenticity, and leaving things unseen.


These photos are all amazing.

Mr. Kander, I believe you have a new fan.

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    These photos are all amazing. Mr. Kander, I believe you have a new fan.
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